bourbon store near me

bourbon store near me

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Tap House Bourbon is the leading-edge of the web alcohol global! Going the greater mile in providing not handiest the first-class seller whiskies but the restricted version spirits as well for the ones experienced Connoisseurs! The excellent series of whiskey, beer, wine and other high end spirits all at your finger suggestions and added directly to your door. Sit back, relax, and appreciate the sector’s finest alcohol from the comfort of your home.

Bourbon making can be traced back to the late 18th century, standing as a uniquely American spirit known for quality and craftsmanship. Because of specific and high standards, bourbon tastes different than other whiskies such as Scotch, Irish, Canadian or Tennessee whiskey. Bourbon must be made in America and predominantly from corn. This makes bourbon unique among all other styles of whiskey. Furthermore, bourbon is never stored in used barrels. New oak barrels age bourbon slowly over time so it garners a deep amber color and rich flavors as it matures. No artificial colors or additives are ever added. Remember, all bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbons.

We’re a certified liquor store from Kentucky specializing in the local and postal supplies of top-shelf bourbons in retail and bulk at descent prices.

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